Board Member and Chair Descriptions


The PTO Board of Directors is comprised of elected officers, committee chairs and school representatives.  It meets one evening per month to conduct PTO business. In addition, board members attend General meeting of the PTO for the entire membership and attend the activities they chair.  The following is a description of each position:



President – Serve as leader and key contact for the PTO, preside at all PTO meetings; ex-officio member of most committees, appoint chairpersons for special committees; coordinate the work of the officers and committees so that the PTO’s objectives can be met;  PTO’s liaison to the administration. (Effort: Year-round and ongoing).

Vice President – Act as an aide to the President, perform the duties of the President in the absence or inability of that officer to serve; assume other responsibilities as assigned by the Board of Directors, Chair at least one committee or activity;  help with other activities when available. Ideally – is willing to serve as President in the future. (Effort: Year-round and ongoing)

Vice President of Membership shall conduct the membership drive in the fall, responsible for new members and for creating and updating a list of members that shall be available to the all officers; responsible for informing different committee chairs of person(s) interested or qualified to assist on their committees and shall make determinations of good standing. Shall coordinate volunteers for BooHoo/Yahoo Breakfast, Open Houses, Kindergarten Roundup and 6th Grade Orientation. (Effort: Active during the Fall but Limited throughout the year).

Vice President of Business Partners – Responsible for creating letters, sponsorship forms for business partners;  responsible for all communication between the business partners and/or the PTO and Laurel Nokomis School;  responsible for ensuring that business partners receive all advertisement and/or items owed to them as designated by their sponsorship form;  responsible for communication to the PTO and the Sarasota County School District Team Up Volunteer & Partnership Council and for keeping of all records regarding business partners and passing that information along as needed. (Effort:  Year-round and ongoing)

Vice President of Communications – Shall maintain and keep current information on the Laurel Nokomis PTO website;  handle all the website correspondence and forward the information the appropriate officers/staff;  Update contacts in Constant Contact; produce the newsletter and it shall be reviewed and approved by the Office of the Presidents and the Principal or person designated by the Principal. (Effort:  Year-round and ongoing).

Treasurer – Be responsible for and have custody of all funds; make disbursements as properly authorized;  be present at PTO events where money is being collected; assure that PTO policies are followed regards to funds, prepare financial reports and keep permanent books and records as shall be sufficient to establish the items of gross income, receipts and disbursements of the pto;  shall chair the Budget and Finance Committee (Effort: Year-round and Ongoing).

Secretary – Prepare agendas if requested.  Take, type and distribute the minutes for ALL general and meetings of the Board of Directors or coordinate replacements when not available.  Prepare written correspondence of the PTO;, maintain master document on Google Drive; keep the calendar of events for the PTO including responsible for submitting the Activity Reports for the General PTO meetings & sending out flyers.   (Effort: Limited)

Previous Past President – Shall aid and advise the Office of the Presidents on all matters related to the PTO. (Effort:  Limited)

Liaisons [Staff, Middle School and SAC/5 Star] – Shall be a liaison between the PTO and the staff, SAC/5 Star Committee or the Middle School Board/Staff Advisor.  The Liaison shall represent the PTO in staff meetings, middle school, SAC or 5 Star meetings and present information about that group  in PTO meetings; Shall serve as a vital member of communication for both entities. (Effort: Limited).

Chairs Over Committees that Deal with Money [Fall Fundraiser, Holiday Shop or Run-a-ton] – Shall chair the Fall Fundraiser, Holiday Shop or Runathon Committee;  be a liaison between the PTO and the committees they chair, prepare a plan with their committee and present a post event summary to the PTO. The Holiday Shop Chairs are responsible for shopping for the holiday shop.  (Limited to Event).



Trunk or Treat (OCTOBER):  The Trunk or Treat Volunteer Chairperson(s) will coordinate volunteers, set up, and find others to decorate and distribute candy/treats at the event. A flyer will be created/distributed for the event and posted in the E-Newsletter for parents to print and fill out a sheet if wanting to participate in decorating a trunk.  

Book Fairs (SEPTEMBER & MAY): This event is currently on hold.  Volunteer chairperson(s) coordinate two Scholastic book fairs each year, held in the fall and spring, and will coordinate volunteers. Proceeds are used to purchase books for the Library and teacher classroom libraries. 

Clothes Closet:   Volunteer Coordinator(s) help secure items that families may need in the school via the Clothes Closet.  They coordinate parent volunteers to help in the clothes closet and submit notices about the clothes closet needs via the LNS Constant Contact Newsletter, flyers and letters to sponsors.  In addition, the Clothes Closet Coordinator will get notices when a student needs clothes from the Clothes Closet, respond by assisting students and or parents while in the Clothes Closet and may sponsor a Clothes Closet Open House for teachers and administration in the fall.  

Daddy Daughter Dance : The Volunteer Chairperson(s) will be responsible for advertising, selling tickets, coordination of food and entertainment for the event. In addition, the Chairperson will find volunteers to help with decorations and on the day of the event. 

Fall Festival (OCTOBER): The Fall Festival Coordinator is the liaison between the staff and the PTO on the Fall Festival, responsible for coordinating PTO volunteers for ticket sales, set up, auction, and PTO Booth.  

Fun Fridays   LNS PTO sponsors themes to build community spirit.  Volunteer chairperson(s) will plan and advertise fun activities for Fun Fridays.  Examples of activities are Hat Day, Snow Cone Day, etc.  

Mom Son Date Night:  The Mom/Son Date Night Chairs coordinate volunteers are needed to create and distribute flyers, collect money/tickets, decorate, pass out food and prizes.

Muffins With Mom (MAY):  The LNS Administration sponsors Donuts for Dads and orders the Donuts for that event.  The PTO only helps find volunteers for the day of the Donuts for Dads event to help with setup and donut distribution.  The LNS PTO sponsors Muffins with moms and orders muffins, juice, coffee, water and flowers for the events. However, the PTO Muffins with Mom Chairperson helps secure volunteers, prepare trays of muffins, decorates, passes out muffins, beverages and flowers.

Restaurant Nights:  Restaurant Nights are school fundraisers like the family nights at McDonalds, Chick-fil-a and Dairy Queen.  A PTO Coordinator identifies these fundraising opportunities, communicates with the restaurants and plans the fundraiser, schedules the day at the school, coordinates advertisement/volunteers and follows up with the school to ensure the they receive payment from the efforts.

Spirit Apparel Coordinator: Volunteer chairperson needed to work with the vendor to create LNS themed items for sale. Chairperson advertises the sale, distributes and collects order forms and gather money and disperse items when delivered (if needed).  

Staff Appreciation Luncheon & Week (NOVEMBER; MAY):  Volunteer Chairperson(s) work with volunteers to coordinate a potluck luncheon for the teachers and staff at LNS in the fall and spring.  One of the volunteer chairpersons, works with Mrs. Oliver to identify and collect prizes and gifts for the teachers, coordinate staff appreciation week activities, volunteers and decorations.  This is our way of saying thank you to the staff for all their hard work during the year.  

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