The Buddy Bench

The Buddy Bench
What is a Buddy Bench?
“The Buddy Bench is a place where kids feeling lonely can create new friendships. When a kid wants someone to talk to, play with or is just feeling left out, they can sit down on the bench. This is a sign to other kids that this friend is feeling lonely and wants to play,” said Zoe Watson (pictured above with the Buddy Bench.) It’s a wonderful way for new kids, shy kids, or any kids to communicate how they are feeling and it’s a thoughtful way for others to let their kindness shine. Zoe of Girl Scout Troop 539 assembled, designed, painted and installed the Buddy Bench in the Elementary playground as her Silver Award Project in the Girl Scouts Program. The Silver award is a service project within the community done by a Girl Scout Cadette who sees a change she wants to make in the world and steps into action.
“I decided to create the Buddy Bench” Zoe continued, “because I did notice there were lonely kids on the playground sometimes who really didn’t know what to do with themselves or with others. This Buddy Bench will hopefully be a place kids can interact with new friends and make new friendships.”
Click this link to watch Zoe’s video about the bench:  THE VIDEO LINK
Congratulations to Zoe and thank you from all the children it will serve! An additional thank you to the LNS PTO for donating the bench.

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