Requirements for Volunteering

Requirements for Volunteering 

As Mr. Wilson mentioned in his “Welcome Back” message, we encourage all parents to help at the school. However, before you volunteer at the school you must register with the “Volunteers Count” computer (formerly known as PALS) in the front office or online at This is necessary if you are interested in volunteering in the classroom, lunchroom, labs, chaperoning field trips or helping at PTO events. Also, past volunteers must reactivate every year in order to help at Sarasota County Schools each year, so even if you were registered last year you must “reactivate” again this year using the same computer and your same sign-in. Please stop by the front office if you have any questions about how to register new or reactivate.

All volunteers must be district approved. Initial approval takes approximately 2 weeks. All parents are required to register or reactivate via computer each school year at the school office prior to having direct contact with students. 

All volunteers at LNS must…
  • Always report to the school office before beginning volunteer activity.
  • Sign in to the Volunteers Count computer and record where you will be volunteering.
  • Present a driver’s license or state identification to the staff in the front office to be scanned through the RAPTOR system. They will give you a Raptor generated identification badge or a sticker that must be worn at all times on campus. RAPTOR is part of the state- and district-required security program that scans for sexual predators and offenders through a continuously updated national database.
  • Registering and logging volunteer hours through the Volunteers Count database is in addition to the RAPTOR system!  This is how our school gets credit for our volunteer hours and one of the ways we help our school keep its “A” rating!
  • Wear the RAPTOR generated badge while on campus and during volunteer activity to ensure that the school staff and students can easily identify volunteers approved to be on campus.
  • When your volunteer job is finished for the day, make sure to log out of the Volunteers Count computer. It is important that the school staff knows which volunteers are on campus in case of an emergency.
Security updates:
  1. Level 1 volunteers will no longer have a criminal background check upon application.
  2. Level 2 volunteers will still be fingerprinted and put through the FBI criminal database.
  3. Unscreened parents are not allowed to attend field trips. If a parents comes to the field trip site, the parent must sign the child out and not be with the group.


For further information, please contact:
Lyndsey Cantees
Volunteer and Partnership Coordinator
Office of Community Involvement
Green Awning Building, Room 113
Sarasota, FL 34231
(941) 927-9000 ext. 31500

Any person wanting to be on the PTO Board of Directors must be Level 2 screened.  You must reactivate or activate at a Level 1 prior to receiving a Level 2 screening.  You must pay for the service and make arrangements through the Sarasota County School District Department of Safety and Security:

Fingerprinting Services
Borbala Stephenson, Background Processor
[email protected]
Phone: 941-927-9000, ext. 31132
Fax: 941-927-4061
1960 Landings Boulevard
Sarasota, Florida 34231
Blue 1st Floor

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